Whitepaper: Introducing AI in your business

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The AI Guide 101 as a start for your strategy


Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way companies work and offers unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, innovation and growth. By using AI technologies, companies can automate routine tasks, gain deeper insights from data and improve decision-making processes. However, the path to successful AI integration requires careful planning, investment and a clear understanding of the implications.

Embark on this journey and drive your business forward with the help of this whitepaper, brought to you by our experts with more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation. We focus on the needs of board members and executives of companies that are not in the technology industry (i.e. that do not sell software or whose main source of revenue is technology) and want to equip everyone with AI knowledge for the future.

What's inside:

  - What is AI?

 - Why now?

  - How is AI suitable for most companies?

  - Use and application of AI

  - How to start

  - Where am I right now?

  - Conclusions & next steps

Language: German

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