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  • P. W. Diemer, AirPlus International, Lean Six Sigma Programm

    I am very happy about the impact of your Lean Six Sigma program on our company. It is a method that many colleagues have dedicated themselves to and that really brings us further. For these reasons, thank you very much to your team.

  • A. Petry, Petry-Consulting, Green Belt Training

    I would like to thank you for the excellent seminar. We had an excellent trainer who gave in addition to the extensive seminar content many examples from his practice.

  • S. Göbel, Airplus International, Change Agent Training

    Thank you very much for the really good seminar, the many practical examples and the related documents.

  • B. Soler Díaz de Junguitu, Media-Saturn, GB Training

    Many thanks to Frank Bornhöft for the great training, his enormous knowledge of the topics, the examples, exercises, joy for his work and his great spirit.  It was really fun!

  • Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften, ADG-Seminar

    The quality standard of the ADG is that our instructors reach or exceed the set overall satisfaction benchmark of 2.30. We are pleased about your good result (1.5), and that you support us so successfully in the realization of our quality standards.

  • L.A., Change Agent Training

    The overall view of the change process not limited to a pure change cycle and the presentation of tools that can be used in the context of projects were a great thing. I learned a lot, it was practice-oriented, I can use the acquired knowledge.

  • S.F., Change Agent Training

    Thank you for the training. The exchange of experiences with similarly positioned colleagues was very good, the "lie story" was very interesting and the other games to relax the atmosphere were fun. The coach's flexibility to respond to change requests was also very good.

  • C.B., Change Agent Training

    Thanks for the great seminar. The subject was very well accompanied by practical exercises, which I liked very much. The personal experiences of the trainer were helpful and the roll games helped a lot to understand the topics.

  • M.J., Green Belt Training

    Good mediation of all essential subjects in a very short time, very many practical exercises. The Personal experience of the trainer has been very well integrated. Very good repetitions. Keep it up!

  • S.P., Black Belt Upgrade Training

    Great Training! What I really liked were the topics, the experience of the trainers and the good combination of theory and practice.

  • J.M., Green Belt Training

    The practical examples and short films make it easy to remember, the exercises were also very good to illustrate the theory. I have learned a lot, thank you.