PROCISE helps you to maximize the benefits of ServiceNow in your organization.

We offer an excellent team of ServiceNow© specialists to

  • Analyse and manage your requirements
  • Automate your processes
  • Establish required interfaces to your ServiceNow© ecosystem
  • Connect your service providers to the ServiceNow© platform
  • Integrate all adjacent processes for a holistic experience

We have a team where you need it, speaking your language and work alongside your internal staff for sustainable results.

Most enterprises do not use ServiceNow© to its full potential. Examples of common challenges we see in the current market:

  • Lack of automation and first time right routing of service requests
  • Third party providers use their proprietary tool or another different ITSM solution
  • ServiceNow asset and status information is not used in
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Financial Management
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
    • Cyber Security
    • Performance Management
    • Other adjacent functions
  • ServiceNow© does not cover all relevant processes, e.g. security incidents or SLA Management

Our experts’ relevant experience goes far beyond implementation and customization. We understand your individual business context and deliver the right solution for you while securing your return on investment.