“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they simply would have said a faster horse.”
Henry Ford

Innovation shapes our future, and comes to the fore when ideas become successes.

The success of a company largely depends on it being innovative. However, it doesn’t mean that you are innovative if your organization produces good ideas. What matters is that you systematically develop the most promising ideas through to the marketing stage. This process is greatly supported by the use of proven methods. The fact that innovation is additionally promoted by certain organizational elements hasn’t just become apparent since the start-up hype began.

Every day counts when it comes to bringing successful new products and services onto the market. We’ll support you in workshops and as a project manager –  from the generation of ideas via the development of the ideas, through  to the market-ready product or service.

The PROCISE innovation management approach:

  • Develop knowledge about the market and real customer requirements
  • Deliberately involve real customers in the development process
  • Implement agile approaches to develop the idea into a market-ready product/ service
  • Keep the costs under control with target-costing approaches
  • Structural measures to encourage innovative ideas and their implementation

Your benefits

  • Increase in the willingness of your staff to be innovative
  • Reduction of the time to market
  • Reduction of the expenditure in all of the  phases
  • Higher competitiveness