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process excellence - data analysis

Your challenge

You are facing a business decision, but you are not sure if the data quality is sufficient to make a qualified decision. Alternatively, you lack the ability to quantify the effects of a decision for different scenarios.

Your goal

  • Qualified statement about the existing data quality
  • Key figures with high informative value
  • Optional: Use of a simulation with which different scenarios can be quantitatively evaluated

Our solution approach

  • Definition of the required information. Depending on the focus, this may be the required key figures or the requirements for a simulation.
  • Identification of the relevant source data
  • Defining the relationship between source data and information
  • Analysis of the source data quality
  • Creation of a dashboard (key figures) or a simulation
  • Reliability analysis of the key figures / sensitivity analysis of the simulation
  • If necessary: recommendations on how to improve data quality


Additional services

  • Analysis of data maintenance processes
  • Development of a target process for data maintenance

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