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Increase degree of automation / RPA

Your challenge

Many of the current processes are manual and paper-based. This causes long cycle times, unnecessary error possibilities and high processing costs. Instead of relocating processes abroad, you want to operate them in Germany at competitive costs while becoming independent of the availability of qualified specialists.

Your goal

  • Sales growth without additional staff expansion
  • Significantly reduce process costs (processing times)
  • Quality improvement and better service levels (rework and lead time)
  • Independent of processes abroad (stability, data protection)

Our solution approach

  • Conducting a kick-off workshop to clarify the assignment (objectives, scope, roles).
  • Quick check of the current (IT) infrastructure and core processes (load, quantity, capacity commitment, quality...)
  • Identification of options for increasing the level of automation (e.g. RPA solutions, ServiceNow...)
  • Selection of a business process and a suitable automation solution for the piloting
  • This can include accompanying a tender for the appropriate RPA solution.
  • Implementation of business process automation and measurement of benefits
  • Preparation of a roadmap for further implementation including an assessment of potential


Additional services

  • Optimization of business processes as a basis for automation

Increase the speed, quality and performance of your processes while reducing costs.

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