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digital transformation - concept

Your challenge

Replacement of the complex, self-developed IT infrastructure with open standards while ensuring operation. This is often torpedoed by special requests from the business departments. The executive board/management is not involved enough. IT departments are usually overloaded with maintenance work and have little time for innovation/development.

Your goal - harmonization, homogenization, automation

  • IT strategy developed, coordinated and communicated → set of rules for IT product selection and application
  • Requirements from the process-related and strategic transformation are known and agreed
  • Efficient transformation without disrupting ongoing operations
  • Plan for employee training and change management measures

Our solution aproach

  • Development of vision, mission, values and specifications
  • Visualization of the business model with the help of an IT Model Canvas
  • Structure of the Target Operating Model (TOM). This is based on the Business Model Canvas and includes topics such as customer segmentation, products/services, processes and key figures, roles and organization, IT and employees.
  • Determination of the IT requirements from the business departments by business analysts (internal or external)
  • A joint team of change agents is involved and drives the transformation forward.
  • Our best practice approach of assessments, concepts, standards as well as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and the ITIL approach serve as a basis.

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