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Change Readiness Assessment

Your challenge

Your company is facing a major change. You have to determine the willingness and ability of your company to change in order to be able to objectively evaluate opportunities and risks. A compact Change Readiness Assessment should involve relevant stakeholders and quickly determine the status quo. At the same time, you want to use this tool for future measurement of change management success.

Your goal

  • Quick determination of the current status quo (Change Readiness Check)
  • Regular measurement of change management success

Our solution approach

  • Implementation of a Change Readiness Workshop: Presentation of the procedure, tools and recommended options. Adaptation of the assessment to the own situation. The result of the workshop is a coordinated assessment process with defined interview partners (stakeholders) and ready-to-use assessment tools (questionnaire).
  • Conducting the interviews and documenting the interview results.
  • Summary of the assessment results including evaluation and recommendation.
  • Optional: Coaching of your employees in order to be able to independently conduct further Change Readiness Assessments.
  • Optional: Use of an electronic self-assessment tool for regular assessment of the current situation.

A typical Change Readiness Assessment can be carried out in about 2 weeks. The number and availability of interview partners is decisive for the effort and duration. If a personal interview is not possible, it can also be conducted via video conference.

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