Change Management

Design the change: 

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (André Gide)

The success of a company is closely related to the ability to react adequately to change. ‘Adequately’ also means taking the employees’ fear and resistance – which may be linked to the change – seriously. A type of change management that incorporates processes, projects and employees into the new framework conditions is required.

From defining the strategy to implementing the change – we will accompany you with our holistic approach. Equipped with plenty of experience and a personal touch, we will ensure that you and your employees reach the set targets of the change. We will combine change, project and process management into one holistic concept. Our approach is based on the successful Change Acceleration Process (CAP) of General Electric.

The PROCISE change management approach:

Five steps to success:

  • Create awareness of the problems
  • Create and communicate a mutual vision
  • Encourage employees to proceed in accordance with the vision
  • Plan, achieve and reward visible improvements
  • Sustain and create further improvements

Practical examples

  • Support of transformation projects through accompanying change and communication management
  • Conduct team excellence workshops to motivate employees during ongoing transformation and increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Moderation of team workshops to resolve tensions within the team (including between team and executive)
  • Equip managers and change drivers with the tools and methods necessary for successful change.

You have the following service modules to choose from:

  • Change-management consulting (analysis and conception)
  • Change-management training (development and implementation)
  • Change-management coaching during the change

Your benefits:

  • Better understanding of the current situation and the change-management process
  • Lower resistance and faster implementation of changes
  • Increased readiness for change among your employees
  • Higher competitiveness