Team-Excellence Workshop

Operational Excellence

Traditional process optimisation focuses on improving end-to-end processes, i.e. on procedures that extend from the customer inquiry to the final result. However, small-scale processes ensure that teams are often responsible for and work on a large number of processes. procise has developed a team-excellence approach for these teams that allows them to significantly increase their performance over the short term.

Procedures are optimised during the workshop; common standards and indicators for measuring activities are defined. As employee-motivation increases, teamwork becomes more effective and more economical.


In two one-day workshops, we will identify and analyze the current tasks with your teams and identify optimization potential. A previous self-assessment of the participants regarding tasks, expenditure, and team work will serve as the basis for this. Uneconomic activities will be identified, optimization measures will be developed, and responsibilities will be defined together.

  • Team and task analysis, determination of waste and inefficiency
  • Development of optimisation measures
  • Coaching and communication of best practices regarding the implementation of the improvements.
  • Application of selected tools of Lean management and Six-Sigma methodology:
    • Team SIPOC
    • Stakeholder analysis with the customers’ wishes translated into measurable requirements
    • Root-cause analysis for waste with the fishbone diagram
    • Value-added analysis and 8 types of waste
    • Definition of roles and responsibilities with the RACI matrix
    • Strength/weakness analysis (SWOT and force-field analysis)
    • Optional skill matrix
    • Agile methods for performance management (Kanban board)

Further information

  • Training language: German
  • Duration: 2 x 1 day at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks
  • Dates: As required
  • Price: EUR 5,750 (including travel costs for Germany, plus VAT )
  • Participants: Maximum 10 people
  • To be provided: Room, flip chart, video projector, catering by the client

Registration & questions

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Team Excellence Workshop

Optional: Support of the teams and coaching by an experienced adviser after the workshops.


  • Coordination of the agenda and provision of the materials
  • Preparation / follow-up of the workshops with distribution and evaluation of questionnaires
  • Conduct two one-day workshops with the team
  • Analysis of the current situation and development of optimization measures