Change Management Training

Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence

Develop and expand your change-management knowledge and create the basis for the successful implementation of changes!

The lasting success of projects and changes depends on acceptance by the participating staff. So-called change agents possess the necessary knowledge of how changes are prepared, accompanied, and effectively implemented.

During this training, you’ll get to know practical change-management tools that can be directly implemented. You’ll be able to practice applying them, test your resilience in critical situations, and receive ‘best-practice’ examples to prepare yourself for them.


Preparing changes:

  • Creating awareness of problems and mobilizing the will for change
  • Working toward a common vision and goal

Accompanying changes:

  • Leading the change
  • Understanding and managing the team-building process
  • Communication and conflict management in the project
  • Measuring and controlling the change

Stabilising changes:

  • Creating acceptance among the participants
  • Ensuring coaching and knowledge transfer.
  • Encouraging motivation and creating incentive mechanisms.
  • Adjusting systems and structures

Target group

The training is aimed at specialists, executives, project leaders, and change commissioners, who carry out complex improvement projects or modify entire companies.

Further information

  • Training language: German or English
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Dates: By arrangement
  • Price/participant: Upon request
  • Participants: Maximum 8 people
  • Location: PROCISE, Frankfurt or as in-house training upon request

Registration & questions

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Change Management Training