Business Process Optimization

Effective and efficient processes form the basis for business success in times of dynamic economic change and increasing quality requirements on the part of the customer. Lean management and Six Sigma are essential philosophies and methodical building blocks for developing and optimizing processes and organizations. 

We will advise and support you on the way to your company achieving operational excellence by: 

  • Assessing the current process and organizational maturity and
    • Developing recommended courses of action for sustainable increases
  • Implementing a process management system with
    • Roles and responsibilities for defined processes and
    • Key figures and coordinated measuring systems for lasting control and further development of processes
  • Sustaining your process optimization via
    • A holistic approach combined with methods from Lean management and Six Sigma
    • Identification and use of potential for improvements
    • Training & coaching
  • Implementing professional change management with
    • Accompanying measures for cultural change within the company toward an opening for continual improvement
  • Training staff and executives in Lean management and Six Sigma via
    • Practical training in projects from Lean management experts up to Master Black Belt and Champion
  • Product and process development for the expansion/adjustment of your companies range of services

Together with procise, you will attain:

  • Sustainable increase in quality and lowering of costs
  • Functioning process and risk management
  • Transparent, standardized and stable processes
  • Efficient organization and top-qualified staff with clear roles and responsibilities